Troy Smith is a Canadian award-winning artist, designer, sculpture and painter whose extraordinary art has garnered international attention. From notable galleries, private collectors, interior designers, architects and individuals who covet and curate innovative contemporary art.

Smith epitomizes the definition of a modern-day Renaissance man, expressing his passion for all things beautiful. He travels extensively to the foremost international design and fashion capitals, regularly visits world-famous museums, galleries and architectural landmarks to explore and experience emerging trends of iconic creations in art and design. These influences are a constant source of inspiration and are apparent in his body of work.

His passion ensures each work of art embodies extraordinary inspiration, meticulous craftsmanship and outstanding beauty. Smith’s works are born from creativity, exhaustive research, planning and often mind-bending engineering techniques. He is intimately involved with a hands-on approach throughout the evolution of each piece to achieve the realization of his vision.




Troy’s art is a rare and remarkable fusion of enduring materials, some of which date back to the fifteenth century, such as patterned rebar. His original one-of-kind and limited edition pieces imaginatively integrate inspired elements such as marble, precious metals, light-shifting glass, exotic woods, textiles, resins and luxurious leathers in unexpected ways. He is continuously experimenting with new design concepts, materials, techniques and ideas in his pursuit to create unique and sublime art forms.  

Troy’s creative process begins with hand-drawn conceptual sketches, which are transferred to graph paper, then CAD and then rendered in 3D to refine form, materials, function and the intricacies of each design. Once transformed into professional shop drawings, the fabrication process commences. Smith uses artisanal craftsmanship and timeless materials to develop proportion, finish and quality in an original design language. 

Each piece Troy creates fulfills his mantra that, “You can’t just create art, you must give it life.” This is why his art has been featured in international design shows, prestigious exhibitions and prominent design magazines.

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