Troy Smith Studios
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Troy Smith Studio - Toronto Artist



Troy Smith Studio is an award winning contemporary design studio out of Toronto, Canada.

We specialize in commissions, limited series and single editions. 
Our focus is on functional contemporary collectible artworks, where art and design come together to become one. We work with interior designers, architects, developers, private collectors, galleries and museums.


Keeping focus on original ideas with todays contemporary way of living and by using tried and true artisan craftsmanship with modern machining when needed makes each piece of furniture a single timeless creation. Experience, old-world artisanship and luxury materials come together to form unique individual works of art that stand out and gain value in today’s art market.

Collecting only fine art paintings is the old way of doing things. Todays savviest collectors, taste makers and interiors designers know that the collectible design market is one of the fastest growing sections within the international art market. 

Contact me today to find out why you should be living with the worlds most fabulous design objects and why living with art and design can bring you happiness, joy and peace of mind. 



"We only know because we do"