Constellation Floor Lamp
  • Constellation Floor Lamp


      The Constellation Floor Lamp is part of the Rebar series created by artist Troy Smith. 

      Rebar is the steel used in the forming of concrete to give it strength. The Rebar is heated with acetylene torches and red-hot furnaces, skillfully sculpted by hand and with pneumatic machines, then powder coated or electroplated.

      During assemblage the rebar is integrated with other high-end design elements, such as marble, exotic woods, leathers, and custom glass, taking care to ensure the integrity and interpretation of the original design.

      All pieces in the Rebar series are virtually indestructible and are very solid and built for a lifetime. The Rebar series is an ongoing series, stay tuned.


      1" Rebar Steel

      Suede Hide

      Silk Cord

      Glass Fineal 


      18” x 18” Wide Rebar Base x 68” High

      11.5” High x 25” Long x  10" Wide - Lamp Shade